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I have messed up my sudoers file and I want to change the permission on it.

When I login in recovery mode, I cannot run the command chmod as it is read-only option.

I tried mount -o remount,rw / in recovery mode. Didn't work for me:

Err : Ext4-fs remount. Opts errors=remount-ro 

How can I boot into recovery mode and with read-write option?

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I did some web searching on "Recover Mode Read Only" and came across the following post: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-general-1/cannot-edit-fstab-in-recovery-mode-filesystem-is-read-only-540195/.

  1. Shutdown the computer
  2. Boot into Recovery Mode --After BIOS load, hold down Shift key to access the grub menu --Once in grub menu, select the entry ending in "(recovery mode)"
  3. From the next menu selected option to enter Root Session
  4. At the root session, execute command mount -o remount,rw / to remount the filesystem as read-write
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I always use following way to change into read/write mode

  • Login in Safe Mode
  • From the Menu just go to Grub option, it will give a message like Updating grub will mount your system in read/write mode. Just chose yes to mount your system in read/write mode. It will update your grub and will exit from Grub menu.
  • Finally login as root, your system will be in read/write mode.
  • You can also chose dpkg option from the menu to change file system to read/write mode.

It always worked for me. It helps when you don't remember the command to change into read/write mode.

Just give it a try..

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