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Note: There is no need for a patch if you are running Ubuntu 12.04

I am following these instructions to recompile a kernel with working bluetooth for my Asus Zenbook UX31E. However, when typing patch -p1 linux-3.3-rc5 ./bluetooth.patch (where linux-3.3-rc5 is the folder I unzipped the kernel) as suggested in the 4th step, I get only an error saying:

patch: **** File linux-3.3-rc5 is not a regular file -- can't patch

Am I doing something wrong? I would really want to get bluetooth working on my laptop, otherwise Ubuntu runs flawlessly on it.

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Replace Step 4 in the howto with the below:

  1. cd into the uncompressed kernel directory, e.g. cd linux-3.3-rc5
  2. Then paste the following to download and directly apply the patch:

    wget -q -O- | \ 
    sed -e 's#linux-3.2.5/##g' -e 's#linux-3.2.5.orig/##g' | patch -p0
  3. Continue with the howto and compile the kernel!

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