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How can I set the clock to global (24h time) in Maverick instead of am/pm? Including the login screen?

I mean there's no option to do that in rclick clock > preferences or in system > admin > time & date.

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The normal way :

  • Go to System -> Administration -> Language Support
  • On the Text Tab, choose your prefered language to display numbers, dates, ...

The advanced way for your Desktop Applet :

  • Press Alt+F2
  • Type: gconf-editor & Hit return
  • Navigate to “Apps > Panel > Applets > Clock_Screen0 > Prefs”
  • Double-click on the ‘Format’ value. Change it to ‘24-hour'

Login Screen

There was an option in Ubuntu previous versions in the GDM setup GUI (System > Admin > Login Window) but not in maverick, bug is reported on Launchpad

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You might wanna add the bug report(s): Launchpad and GNOME Bugzilla. – htorque Nov 6 '10 at 16:08