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New to Ubuntu, I've used 11.04 sucessfully for 10 months. Just upgraded, 11.10 is booting directly into gnu grub menu. The only way I can get her going is to select previous versions options, which doesn't make sense because 11.04 is the only previous version and it's not even an option. All other options result in the blinky curser screen. Once in through previous versions all seems fine. What's up with that and how do I fix it? I googleshooted it and found little. I did attept to hold shift to get into recovery mode, but was text only. I also ran boot repair and was given "" to indicate if there was no change, which there wasn't. Thank you in advance.

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i read here in ask ubuntu that some people have problem booting from the new kernel of ubuntu 11.10 i think 3.0.0-17, and have ask that. not sure if is that your issue.try use a cd or a usb with ubuntu 11.10 without been update and see if you can login into unity, and them if work use a usb i don't know if works but update and reboot and login again with unity, alternative of this is use uck application and customize ubuntu by updating only

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