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I'm running Kubuntu 12.04 beta2 (up to date). Already tried to create a user from the scratch but the problem can still be replicated. I'll make it simple: with any of the available themes (air, air 4 netbooks, oxygen) whenever I disable desktop effects, KRunner instantly becomes black (with black fonts) rendering itself useless because of its unreadable text. Here is a screenshot I took:

enter image description here

The weird thing is that with effects enabled KRunner is "light gray" and perfectly functional. What can I do? Should I file a bug? If yes: where? On the KDE bug tracker or the Kubuntu one? Thanks in advance!

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At here: Kubuntu 12.04 beta 2 . Normal Krunner with the transparency & blur:

enter image description here

Disabling the desktop effects at startup - rebooting - the Air plasma theme has a gray background:

enter image description here

But - If I use the Alt+Shift+F12 then the background is darkish:

enter image description here

Maybe the plasma needs a restart ?

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