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I dual-boot between Windows and Ubuntu, such that I have a partition on my HDD for the respective system files for each operating system and another partition for my documents.

I renamed the system partitions using the Gparted app, but now Ubuntu won't recognise the documents partition as read/write, only as read-only. Windows can still write to it though.

Any pointers as to how to sort this out?

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If the ntfs-3g package is missing, please install it. I have had the same issue (NTFS filesystems read-only) after upgrading to oneiric. If the filesystem is still read-only, install ntfs-config and run it to check if NTFS support is properly configured.

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You might want to check how the drive is mounted with options like the following in fstab:

iocharset=utf8,file_mode=0777,dirmode=0777 0 0 (not the most secure way to do this...)

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