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I want to work with gnome 3.x instead of unity 3D, i find it more comfortable but the only thing missing for me it's all of the indicators which now located at the buttom panel in contrast to unity which locate them in the top panel.

How can I move them to the top panel?

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If I understood your question in the right way, With this great extension

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OK, i got stuck in the beginning but after a few tries i've succeeded :) pay attention when you get into the link above, there is a button at the upper left side of the page, just turn it on. after you turn it on, the extension will be installed in your computer. edit the extension.js file, there is an array called "notification", just add the indicator names as they seemed at the bottom panel. at the beginning I've downloaded another extension which is similar but didn't work - link, you can download a zip file but it didn't work for me. – idgar Mar 30 '12 at 18:01

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