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I have a printer on Ubuntu. I want to print a document on Windows7 via RDP on Ubuntu. ı want to connect Windows7 via RDP on Ubuntu. ı will choose a document there. The document will be printed from my printer which connects on Ubuntu. How can i solve this problem?

Thanks for help!

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Please clarify your question. To which computer is the printer physically connected? It is shared through what protocol? Perhaps Samba, and not RDP? What is your problem exactly? You can't access your printer from Windows? Ubuntu doesn't see it? You'll get alot more answers if your question and problem are clearly explained. – SirCharlo Mar 30 '12 at 14:39
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For those wanting to support a local printer connected to their Linux system via RDP (Remote Desktop) connecting to a Windows server, here is a quick how-to. First look up the Printer Name on your Linux box, it is best if it is a single word and under 20 characters. You can typically find this by opening a document, selecting Print and it should be the name in the drop down.

Next you will have a script that call rdesktop like so: rdesktop -r printer:="WINDOWS DRIVER NAME AS IT APPEARS IN ADD PRINTER" Run the rdesktop script and login Go to Printers and Faxes Right-click on the Printer that matches your Linux printer's name and choose Properties Print a test page!


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