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How do I turn on the integrated web-cam on Dell Vostro I have Ubuntu 10.10

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You need to have an application that works with a web cam. I use cheese Install cheese for that matter.

Install cheese by running the following command in a terminal:

sudo apt-get install cheese

After installing it, open it and you can now use the web cam.

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1.Open your terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T).
2.Type cheese.
a.)if cheese is already installed then it will prompt cheese with webcam on. Now you can use your webcam.
b.)if cheese is not installed, try the steps given below.
3. In the terminal ,enter sudo apt-get install cheese. This will install cheese.
4. To use the webcam, simply type cheese in the terminal .

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This isn't an exact answer but still you can make use of VLC Media Player for this too.

Go to File > Open Capture Device -> Capture Mode select Direct Show

You can take snapshots as well as record videos as well.

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Although not an answer... it is interesting that VLC allows for video capture from camera! :) – drN Jul 16 at 13:02

If Cheese doesnt work for you, try Camorama. Its also found in the Software Center. I think its better than Cheese. I couldn't get Cheese to work on my Acer Aspire One but Camorama worked right out of the box!

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Google hangout should also activate the webcam. Invite someone to a video hangout, and it should fire up.

Cheese also worked for me.

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The user is probably asking about a key combination, or an Ubuntu application, therefore in the future, put cheese first. – Fabby Nov 25 '14 at 22:19

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