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I am trying to start a file compare application from the console by runnning bcompare ... & but this will start the application without activating it (focus).

Is there a way to start it and switch to it? I'm looking for something similar to Windows start command.

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You can do it with wmctrl Install wmctrl. Install it with sudo apt-get install wmctrl.

Manual: [wmctrl manpage]


wmctrl -a chrome

Switches to the desktop containing the chrome window, raises it, and gives focus.

So after starting your program, run wmctrl -a bcompare.

As for your request, this is a not-so-elegant-way to check if the command is available, and if not it, try to install the package. (Consider it a bad hack, I think it should be a different question to answer this properly. For starters: it should have queried the package database.)

installed=`type -p $required_command`
if [ "$installed" == "" ]
    sudo apt-get install "$package"
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Thanks! Extra points if you update the command to try to install wmctrl if it does not exist ;) – sorin Mar 30 '12 at 13:19
Added a simple installation method if the command does not exist, but it is more of a joke, rather than a real solution. – lgarzo Mar 30 '12 at 13:52

append with & . It denotes background application.


chrome &

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