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I had a power outage the other day and when I started Ubuntu afterwards it told me that it found some errors on disk, fixed them and restarted. Then I finally got to login and:

  • I have all my regular files in my home directory
  • I am missing all my gnome settings (from wifi passkeys that were saved to desktop background to chrome profile)
  • My firefox retained all the settings
  • [can provide more symptoms, if that would help]

My home directory used to be encrypted, and following the steps here, I see it still is. I have tried restarting / logging in-out and once saw my wallpaper appear (and then the session crashed...). So I believe that the settings are still "out-there". So, what can I check / how can I understand what exactly is my situation and whether (and how) I can recover all my settings?

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After some research, I found that the "errors on disk" part meant that fsck was run and the fact that it fixed "something" essentially meant that some data on disk became corrupt.

I checked lost+found folder - and indeed, it contained some of the data I was missing. Most of it, however, is gone forever.

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