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I know there's a lot of similar questions, but nothing I have tried here works yet - perhaps I was doing it wrong.

New Laptop - Toshiba Tecra R850 with an install of Oneiric 64 bit.

Mostly things are working well, but I have a problem with the touchpad (or whatever it's called) - whenever I use it for moving the mouse pointer I accidentally tap on it - basically I am clicking all over the place by accident. So I want to disable the tap-as-click (after all, I have buttons for clicks too).

I open up "Mouse and Touchpad" and on the Touchpad tab I check "Disable touchpad when typing" and UNcheck "Enable mouse clicks with touchpad". This does not achieve anything. Ditto Synaptiks and other similar tools.


OK it turns out that this is a somewhat known problem - it seems the touchpad is not being recognized as a touchpad, it is seen as a PS/2 mouse. So any adjustments made with various settings programs to the "touchpad" don't affect it.

I've been looking at solutions for getting the touchpad correctly recognized and not achieved it yet - seems there is a problem at the kernel level...I tried (foolishly) a suggestion to replace the psmouse.ko driver ...this screwed some stuff up and didn't solve my problem.

So - anyone know an answer?



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Ha! found it eventually on Ubuntu forums. You'd think this would be fixed in the kernel by now...

I found this and worked for me - at this site

I downloaded and installed the driver indicated from here:

After installation and restart it works the way it is supposed to.

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I also faced this problem before. Not only this touch pad makes problem for me while typing. For this reason, I disabled the touch pad. If you want to disable touch pad follow--- Go to-> System Settings--> Hardware--> Click Mouse and Touch Pad--> There are two tabs-- Mouse and Touchpad--- click touch pad and disable it.

I'm only a user. Not advanced user. Thanks

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Sorry, that isn't really what I was looking for. I had to first get the touchpad recognized before I could use this setting – Kibi Apr 9 '12 at 8:45

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