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A few times the Ubuntu LiveCD logged me out (the logon screen prompted for a user/password) when I was using some applications and I had to restart the OS. Can anyone tell me de default user/password..

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You should(not must but still) set one while installing Ubuntu so that you dont face this problem. – bebojoor May 16 '12 at 11:18
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Username : ubuntu

Password: keep it blank and try to login

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i'll try it next time.. i think that i forgot to leave it blank :( – Remus Rigo Mar 29 '12 at 9:47
this does not work – TIIUNDER Jan 14 at 14:30

A blank username and password worked for me on an Ubuntu 12.10 live environment.

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I've reworded for clarity; please feel free to edit further if I didn't capture what you were trying to express. Are you sure about the blank username? Can you provide details about the situation under which you were able to authenticate with a blank username? Are you sure it's not just that you didn't have to select or enter a username (but only a password, which was blank)? – Eliah Kagan Apr 2 '13 at 14:41

I was doing some backups using Kubuntu 8.04 LiveCD and locked myself out. Blank password did not work and neither did any other I tried (ubuntu, kubuntu, demo, ...). Username was ubuntu. Then I found this:

I switched to terminal with Ctrl+Alt+F1... F2 whatever. and there I changed password for current user with passwd command. And again came back to Ctrl+Alt+F7 and entered the password which I have reset.

Current password, asked by passwd, was blank even though login screen did not accept it directly.

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