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I'd like to run a different command when upstart is restarting a process than when it is starting a process. In particular, I'm using Thin and I want to do a rolling restart (built in to thin via a different command) instead of stopping/starting.

Is this possible with upstart, or do I need to start looking for a different solution?

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Its not possible like that. Job itself doesn't know it is restarting.

I suggest you simply use two different jobs. Job A that does the first variant and Job B that starts up when Job A fails. There is extra information attached to stoppingevent of Job A in case it fails (see ), so Job B should have start on stanza such as:

start on stopping JobA RESULT=failed



to keep it up. respawnshould not be added to Job A at all.

This was the job will not start if Job A successfully exits, but only on an error condition.

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