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I have been developing for android on eclipse for a while now, and my experience with the eclipse environment on Ubuntu10.10 has not been a smooth one.

With the repo install of eclipse I have had to sudo eclipse to install the required components for android development. (a big red flag for me)

I tried today to install updates for the eclipse and android platform and my eclipse installation seems to have broken horribly.

I can no longer find and of the urls for new software if i gksudo it, if I run it in user mode it fails (as it always has) with permissions problems. I have chowned user:user all my eclipse and android related private/user files.

This is a system running ubuntu 10.10 with gnome2.x. On my kubuntu 11.10 install it work a lot better.

  • Is there an easy fix to this?
  • Is the repo version of eclipse broken?
  • Should I do a clean install for just my user? (if so can I retain my previously installed software? the installation process is very time consuming) I saw there was a previous post here recommending this for new installations.
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This is no longer the case if you install from repository. Tested on 12.04 LTS Beta.

See this question with screenshots for verification.

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