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I've recently heard about NVIDIA is joining the Linux Foundation. I just tought, well here comes full functioning NVIDIA Drivers. My card is a G210M, and I have graphic acceleration, glxgears echoes 2400 fps. GTK benchamark doesnt go that well (GTKPerf show slow results). Everithing is fine, but I cant switch to virtual terminals.

With nouveau i have a little graphic acceleration with glxgear throwing 1100 fps, but the virtual terminal works.

I' ll never understand, why Nvidia doest release a full linux functioning driver. Will this joining to the linux foundation resolve this?

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No, it won't. It's probably just for marketing - full accelerated drivers will never be released by nvidia; they always claim there is too much of their own and foreign "intellectual property" in them.

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Cant the just provide it in binary? – Jhonnytunes Mar 28 '12 at 15:54

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