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Libreoffice uses a file to lock documents you are editing that has a .(period) as the first letter of the name.

Ubuntu One does not sync this file so I have no protection from multiple editors of a document at one time.

How do I make Ubuntu One sync every document, including hidden ones?

Thanks. Mike.

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Those files are explicitly excluded because it will sometimes make either the syncdaemon or libreoffice get its knickers in a knot. If you want to test and see if it works for you to have them synced, remove the appropriate line from the "ignore" configuration option in syncdaemon.conf (I'm not going to point you at it; if you can't figure it out from here, you won't be able to fix it if it breaks).

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I was able to edit the files (actually copy the modified section to the local copy) and the files started syncing.


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