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I am redefining the keyboard layout (in a symbol file) and cannot find the name of the "left backslash" key (available on 102 keys keyboards, usually to the left of the Z key or the space key).

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To get it straight:

  • This is a backslash: \
  • This is a slash: /

They are named accordingly in the Xmodmap files.

If in doubt, run the xev program from the console and read its output.

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In a 102 keys keyboards there are two keys with the "\" sign. You find it in most laptops and in a few desktop keyboards. On my system it produces the "less than" character. Difference in Xev output: Left backslash key: keycode 94 Right backslash key: keycode 51 – Yuval Mar 27 '12 at 21:22
xev should also output their names. But try this on a terminal: sudo dumpkeys --long-info|grep -e slash -e 33 -e 5b – aquaherd Mar 28 '12 at 18:28

Okay, I found the answer.

  • The key name is LSGT.
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