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I need something that can help me combine my video files with .srt subtitle tracks. Any ideas? I dont want to use the terminal and command lines, just a simple programme like AutoGK used to be in Windows.

Any ideas what I could use? Thanks

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You can try install AutoGK in Ubuntu through Wine. I found these informations, they're a bit old, but maybe they can help you with this:

  1. Run "winecfg" and change:

Graphics tab: Emulate a virtual desktop, at least 800x600 Direct3D Vertex Shader Support none

Audio Tab: Hardware Acceleration: Emulation Check driver emulation.

Applications tab: Windows Version Windows XP

Libraries (I think this is the important one) tab

Add the following overrides: mfc42u, msvcrt, msvfw32, vorbis

  1. Download and installed AutoGK on this machine.

  2. Then, copy the DLL's "mfc42u, msvcrt, msvfw32" from a windows machine's system32 directory to the WINE system32 directory.

  3. Rename msvcrt.dll MSVCRT.DLL. Probably not necessary, but I know linux is case sensitive (although WINE probably isn't) and the virtualdub error message had a capital msvcrt.

    1. Copy vorbis.dll from the autogk\virtualdubmod directory to the windows\system32 directory.

    2. Type "wine AutoGK.exe" in the AutoGK directory

Troubleshooting: If the installer doens't come up (just a blue screen), make sure you have the graphics resolution at least 800x600 in the graphics tab of winecfg

If trying to encode a movie fails on the audio portion (Demuxing, decoding, normalizing, encoding happens in about a second, then fails) it is probably your virtualdub. I fixed this by copying a new msvcrt.dll over to wine, and the vorbis.dll. Try manually running "wine autogk/tools/virtualdubmod.exe" and see if virtualdub comes up. If it doesn't, fix whatever it complains about.


More info on installing AutoGk through Wine

There's also some alternatives to AutoGk:




Lemon Rip



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Mkv file format support include subtitle saparately. It means you don't need encode whole video file.

I recommend mkvtoolnix for this situation. Open your video file, add sub file then start muxing. Basically it's not different just copying two files into one. Very fast and do not encode audio/video stream.

Pacakge name is mkvtoolnix-gui. Or install latest version from developer's repo.

Video tutorial - windows version but same with linux one.

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Can you tell me how to set that the output file would be of avi format in MKVTOOLNIX? – Elysium Mar 28 '12 at 12:41
Do you mean keep avi file format? – Mait Mar 28 '12 at 13:49
Yes, I need them to be .avi so that they could be copied to my nokia phone. – Elysium Mar 29 '12 at 0:15

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