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The Arduino IDE is based on a java application called processing. While typing text into processing, it refuses to accept any of the characters under dead keys like " ' ^. As a work around I:

  • Open another window (usually my browser or mail client);
  • I type the character I need;
  • Select and copy the character onto my clip board;
  • Copy the character into processing.

What do I have to do to make processing accept characters under dead keys? Disabling dead keys is not an option.

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I tagged this question as 'shortcut-keys', but I feel it should be tagged as 'dead-keys'. I haven't got enough rep to add a new tag. Can someone consider the 'dead-keys' tag? – jippie Mar 26 '12 at 7:07
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I finally managed to figure out a work around. In KDE the keyboard configuration can be set in:

  • System Settings
  • Keyboard Settings
  • Layout
  • Select 'Show indicator'
  • Select 'Per window'
  • Add
  • Select a variant without 'dead keys', eg. "English (US, with Euro on 5)"

After applying these settings, I select the window for input focus and I click the indicator in the system tray when I want to switch the keyboard configuration. The keyboard setting needs only be set once per window and is rememberd over program restarts.

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