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I am writing a script to download build and install a bunch of packages. Building sometimes takes a while, and installing requires root priviledges:

make; sudo make install

What happens alot is that when a build takes a while I need to keep entering my password. I want to be able to only enter it once. I could call the script with root access, but then (as I understand it) every call it makes will be with root priviledges. I don't want this because then, eg., many files and folders get created that can't be deleted without root access.

so what is the best way to do this?

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Use the timestamp_timeout parameter. Use visudo to edit the sudoers file:

sudo visudo

and modify the defaults line so it looks like this:

Defaults   env_reset,timestamp_timeout=60

this will keep your password for 60 minutes.

Modify this time as desired :)

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The script can contain sudo calls themselves. If you then run the script with sudo it will cover all sudos in the script and should be ok

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