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I just want to copy the contents of a directory and the subdirectories within it over to another directory in a Bash shell. I assumed cp -r would do this.

However, this isn't working:

cp -r $BASEDIR/Upload/Temp $BASEDIR/backup

The directory Temp has a bunch of files and directories in it. But after I run this command, I only get the files in backup. No directories are copied.

I'm also having the same problem with the -r option with a zip command. In the same Bash shell, I've got these commands:

cd $BASEDIR/Upload/Temp
zip -r $BASEDIR/Backup2/ .

When I look at the contents of, all it has are the files, no subdirs. (I cd into the directory because it's the only way I know to store files in a zip without getting the absolute path stored as well, which I don't need.)

What am I not getting about the -r option?

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  • cp -R maybe that will work, or
  • cp -rf, you can also try
  • cp -av origin_folder destiny_folder –
  • But cp -r /home/hope/files/* /home/hope/backup, should have worked.
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cp -R worked. Strange that case made a difference, but... weirdness sometimes happens. – Questioner Mar 24 '12 at 12:31
the -r and -R are equivalent in the Ubuntu cp (coming from GNU coreutils), so probably you were making some other mistake. – enzotib Mar 24 '12 at 17:05

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