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I tend to run Windows apps with VirtualBox in seamless mode (so that virtualized Windows applications windows and Windows taskbar appear alongside host OS windows instead of a separate virtual machine screen). To make the experience even more "seamless" I'd like Windows theming (especially windows' title bars and a taskbar) to look exactly as Ubuntu windows look. So it seems that I need a Windows clone of Ubuntu Ambiance theme. Is there one?

I'm ok to have Windows minimize/maximize buttons on the right, as I've switched Ubuntu to the same classic mode.

I am interested in both Windows XP and Windows 7 themes.

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Yes, you can download it here. This theme is for Windows XP and while it has a few bugs, outlined in the download link, it should be an improvement on what you have now.

alt text

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Have a look at this omgubuntu blogpost.

alt text

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