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Possible Duplicate:
Where can I get themes and eye-candy for my desktop?

Other than the normal sites (IE: Gnome-Look, Webup8, OMGU, etc)

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Possible duplicate: – Christopher Kyle Horton Feb 9 '12 at 23:14

All of the above, in addition to deviantART. Most higher quality themes (of any type) are found on deviantART, and while it has its share of low-quality stuff, it's fairly easy to filter.

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Just in case you are not aware of it, there are some fairly nice ones available in the repository,I recommend you try the community-themes and shiki-colors, shiki-colors is quite elegant I think. You may very well not need any more with these. the community-themes package contains these: Kin, Night Impression, Impression, Hanso, Turrican, Homosapien, Sorbet and Wasp-Murrine. Sorbet is a favourite of mine, I only modify the window border, using the one from Radiance.

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Try this themes PPA (it currently holds probably the most popular themes/icons that don't have a PPA yet - Faenza has a PPA but ignore the main Faenza icon theme in the PPA, it's there just because some themes depend on it)

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Bisigi Project offers some nice themes for gnome environment. Check if there is any u like ;)

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The community-themes package contains additional themes by the Ubuntu community.

To install it, search the Software Center for community-themes or run sudo apt-get install community-themes in a terminal.

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