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TrendMicro's Safesync has a nice feature, you can map your local folder to a folder in the cloud with a different name, e.g:


C:\my_documents\pictures        ===> office_pictures
c:\my_documents\docs            ===> office_docs


C:\my_documents\pictures        ===> private_pictures
c:\my_documents\docs            ===> private_docs

Would this be possible with UbuntuOne? The reason is that I have multiple computers, and I don't want all my "my_documents" folders to sync across work and personal life...

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No, Ubuntu One does not have such a feature. The best way to do this, is to have different folders of "Work Pictures" and "Private Pictures", and only sync the ones you want on specific machines. The folder names will be the same on all synchronized computers, in the same locations, and also the same on the server.

Also note, folders synchronized with Ubuntu One must be under your user's profile directory. You won't be able to synchronize files from another drive, or elsewhere on the same drive. They must be under your "home" directory.

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