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I use Ubuntu 11.10 and Libreoffice.I want to do some thing shown in this video using Libreoffice and Ubuntu. I want to know how can I create table in libreoffice calc and paste it to libreoffice writer.

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Download the OpenOffice extension named Pasteasvalue. Install it in LibreOffice using Tools menu--> Extension Manager.

Now when you copy any table from Calc you can paste it using the Pasteasvalue option from the Edit menu.

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I googled the extension you said but it seems there is no such extension I googled for "LibreOffice extension Pasteasvalue" and the first link redirects me to… upon installing this pasting on libreoffice the cells lost their formatting no table borders came ,is this the extension or some thing wrong I did. – Registered User Mar 21 '12 at 11:22

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