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Is there a place where I can find all the wallpapers ever included on the Ubuntu CDs (not just the default ones)??

I remember some nice ones, like the one with the cherries. A package would be great!

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Found the following site which seems to have all of them.

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If you do a search in synaptic or software center for wallpaper, you should find a number of packages including fiesty and karmic, and these should include most of the wallpapers you are seeking. The artwork section of the ubuntu wiki (here) might also have them. If you look on this page, you should also be able to find those + some great extras.

Hope that helps! Enjoy your wallpapers ^^ =)!

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From the sub-site you can find them all.

The package ubuntu-wallpapers from the latest release will have all wallpapers from release 9.10 to date.

Check this answer.

Wallpapers from releases 4.10 to 9.04 can be obtained from as indicated by Mark Rooney in his answer.

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