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Not sure what's going on here, but here's the best I can describe:

  • I use Tomboy extensively, for notes, collecting throw-away passwords,etc.
  • Once a couple of months ago, a very important note just disappeared. No reference to the title, no deleting, no way of tracking it down---it was just like it had never existed.
  • The same thing just happened today. I think the note in question was actually open when I rebooted, so maybe that's related.

Has anyone else encountered something similar?

EDIT: Happened 3 times

Seems to be the last note I have open when shutting down (which is usually the most important) is deleted without a trace.

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It looks like a bug in Tomboy. What I can advise is to make a backup copy fo such notes. However I am trying to reproduce described behavior. EDIT: It does not repreduce such behaviour on my PC. Lucid x64 – Misery Mar 20 '12 at 9:35
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I'm short-handing this answer as "There is a currently unresolved error in Tomboy."

It seems like this is what's going on here:

A note is overwritten with 0 data. So it neither enters the Backup folder, nor is the data recoverable from the trash.

No one has yet been assigned to the bug.

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