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I saw this blog post today, and I was wondering if there's some meaning within the Ubuntu community that I've missed? (I know what an easter egg is in a computer context.)

One of our ducks has started dropping eggs in random locations in the garden. I don’t know which duck, but I assume it’s one of the new females we took in from the SPCA, who hasn’t figured out “nesting” yet. I do love ‘em but they’re not African Grey’s in the IQ department. Anyhow, I think I finally understand why people hide eggs in the garden at Easter. Because ducks used to do it for them! I suppose, for millennia, this has been the season to go hunting for eggs. Now we just substitute chocolate ones instead.

For the moment, I’ve kept them in a cool shady spot while I keep an eye out for an actual nest. If a polecat doesn’t find them first, I may be able to slip them onto the nest in time for them to get hatched along with some cousins.

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I think it means just what it says, he has ducks and they're laying eggs in random places around his yard. Nothing to do with software "easter egg" hidden features. –  mhall119 Mar 22 '12 at 13:14
What michael said ^^^ ;) –  Mark Shuttleworth Mar 22 '12 at 16:50

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