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To remap keys under Lubuntu, I need to modify lxde-rc.xml file and next time I login, I should have the new key configuration (as written here)

Can I reload the new key configuration without logging out?

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Right click on desktop and choose "Desktop preferences", then go to "Advanced" tab, and check "Show windows manager menu" (WARNING! do not close this dialog window).

Now right click on the desktop and choose "Restart", then uncheck "Show windows manager menu" and close the dialog window. (If you loose the dialog for some reason, you can show it with pcmanfm --desktop-pref).

As an alternative, you can use obkey, an application that provide a GUI to modify keybindings in openbox on the fly.

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Command openbox --reconfigure seems to do the trick without logging out.

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In lubuntu I got an error message, but it works. Obt-Message: Failed to open an Input Method – Ivailo Bardarov Aug 17 '14 at 15:59

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