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I run Ubuntu 11.10 on my Dell Mini 9 off a USB stick. Everything works fine, except for internet access. When I go to Proprietary Drivers, select Broadcom STA Wireless Driver, it hangs up while "downloading and installing drivers." About 10 minutes later, I get internet access just fine (even though the driver windows are still open and can't be closed) then things are fine until I reboot, when I have to start the whole install proprietary driver thing all over again.

So I want to be able to activate the wireless driver and keep it activated, so when the USB stick boots in the future, the wireless driver is already "activated" so I can go online without having to reinstall the driver. Thank you for your help! (And thank you to those who have helped me get this far!)

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LiveCDs dont' keep user settings nor installed software unless it had be created with persistence from the beggining –  Uri Herrera Mar 18 '12 at 23:19
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Yes, USB Demos do not save your settings. I came up with a fix for this though. Put in Your USB and then insert another one next to it. Install Ubuntu onto this "hard disk" It will ask you if you want to unmout it. Say No to this. You will have a new USB hard disk that saves your settings (:

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