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Ubuntu 10.04.4 server/no gui

The computer is hanging somewhere during the boot. I am never presented with a login prompt on tty1.

I can hit Alt+F2 and login (or ssh in) and everything seems fine, but none of my services have been started (e.g., apache2). Alt+F1 is a blank screen. I can start the services manually. Nothing in the logs jumps out at me, but perhaps I'm not looking in the right spot.

Here is the entire boot.log:

fsck from util-linux-ng 2.17.2 
fsck from util-linux-ng 2.17.2
/dev/sda1: clean, 142934/11714560 files, 12045212/46848768 blocks
/dev/sdb1: recovering journal /dev/sdb1: clean, 12620/61054976 files, 4555959/244190000 blocks 
init: ureadahead-other main process (1064)
terminated with status 4  
  * Starting AppArmor profiles               [ OK ]
  * Setting sensors limits                   [ OK ]

I have 3 available kernels from the grub boot menu and all have the same issue. I booted the latest (2.6.32-39-server) --verbose, and nothing jumped out at me.

Can anyone tell me where I should be looking or have any theories?


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I could not find the cause of the problem. Re-installed.

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