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I am looking for a computer program for analysing sequential observational data for Ubuntu. Analog for GSEQ (Generalized Sequential Querier) which include SDIS (Sequential Data Interchange Standard).

What options do I have?

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GSEQ is software for Windows and is free of cost to download.

It will not run natively on Ubuntu but it should work in wine install wine:

The site states:

It runs under Windows (95/98/Me/2000/XP/Vista) and on other operating systems that run Windows simulation software

Which I assume to be referring to wine.


I can confirm it runs OK in wine, although I have not tested it thoroughly as I have no idea what it is used for or how to use it.

gseq in wine

To acheive this you need to first install wine then download the .exe file and right click on it and click 'Open With Wine Windows Program Loader' then run the installer setup.

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Thanks dv3500ea for your answer. I know this. Sometime I have problems with software under wine. I search over the Internet, but I can't found analog application for GSEQ - native Gnu/Linux. I will mark this question as answered. Maybe someday we will have native software as this one for our system. – i.raynov Nov 6 '10 at 13:28

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