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I am using 11.10 as my only os, now I have to do some typing in IPA, but it is turning out to be a headache. I tried using Autohotkey but it failed to yield desired results. Please let me know if there are any softwares through which I can type in IPA or to manipulate my keyboard entries.

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You can get access to the SIL repository following these instructions, then get the latest versions of kmfl-ibus and the IPA Keyboard package from the Ubuntu Software Center (searching for "kmfl" it should be one of the top results). Don't forget to log out and in.

For future reference, this page shows IPA keyboards for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

From the keyboard logo in your upper toolbar, which is hopefully there now, choose preferences, input method, select an input method, other, and IPA Unicode KMN, then click Add. You can choose how you switch from and to IPA from the "general" tab.

Good luck! Good luck!

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Try this Debian package from this site. You might need to get ibus-kmfl installed first. This page has a repository.

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