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Will 10.04 x64 server have a smooth upgrade to 12.04 x64 server?

Will 11.10 x64 server have a smooth upgrade to 12.04 x64 server?

I am setting up a new production server this month, and I need to decide which to use. I have been testing software on both. 11.10 has been flawless for me, and 10.04 has been a little rocky with the same packages. I would like to be able to upgrade the server to 12.04 6 or so months after it comes out.

What are your thoughts on which one to choose in regards of a smooth transition to 12.04?

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I imagine it will be much the same as it was last time there was a new LTS. It's documented here.

Essentially, you should be able to do either. I would think with a 'production server' the changes in UI packages aren't going to matter that much as long as you don't highly customize something.

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