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I am looking for a better (GUI) terminal for Ubuntu that supports:

  • tabs, preferably colored ones
  • change notification - output is changed on an inactive terminal
  • define a list of servers to connect to

The default terminal app does supports tabs but not the things above.

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You should give Guake a try. It's full of features.
Available from the Ubuntu Software Center.

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Sorry, not meeting requirements, by far. – sorin Mar 16 '12 at 14:50

After looking around for a bit, the closest application to meet all your requirements would be terminator Install terminator

  • It doesn't have tabs but you can split the windows any way you want to.
  • It does have options to customize colors and other things the way you want.
  • It also has a notification plugin that you can setup to use to watch for inactivity or activity, depending on your need. There's a question here, What do the ActivityWatch and InactivityWatch plugins do?, that you can use to understand this plugin.
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I prefer byobu with tmux and gnome-terminal.

You can set your profiles in gnome-terminal to start any command you like as a shell. So you could even create different profiles and set the custom command as byobu or tmux with different config files.

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