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I'm working on ubuntu 11.10 GNOME Classic.

I copying file(~40GB) to External HD. while file copy in progress I mistakenly minimized the status window. After that I cant reopen that status window. b'z of that I cant identify whether that the transmission has completed or not. pls. help to restore the status window or how can I know the status of that transmission.

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  1. Go to file browser window.
  2. Now alt+~ to switch between grouped windows, this also shows the hidden progress status window.


  • alt+tab → Switch between open windows
  • alt+~ → Switch between grouped windows
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Doesn't work on Ubuntu 14.04 (alt-tilde works, but there is no file progress window in the group, though the Unity bar icon clearly has a small progress icon) –  nmz787 Dec 8 '14 at 20:28
Yep, Does not work on 14.04 @nmz787 Did you found any solution? –  DearDhruv Dec 22 '14 at 10:22

First of all: Check your Files icon in the launcher (on your left for most systems). There will be a little progress bar over if it if it's still copying something.

In that case, if you're lucky, you can restore it in tree ways:

  • Look for a file copy icon in your system tray (upper right in most systems). If there's one, click it and the file transfer dialog will reopen

  • Right click on the Files icon in the launcher (yes, the one with progress bar on it) and choose "show copy window"

  • On your Files icon in your system tray (the one with a progress bar) are some small arrows in its left, one for each window. If you manage to click in the arrow, the corresponding window will open. Your copy window might be one of those

In the case none of this work for you, you might be seeing this bug


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I had the exact same issue, after minimizing the “File Operations” progress bar I could no longer restore the window; even after using alt+tab and alt+~.

However, if you right click the file browser icon on the left and select “Show Copy Dialog” you should then be able to use alt+tab or alt+~ to restore the progress bar window.

Hope that helps!!

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I know this might sound primitive, but, I seemed to get back the copy dialog when Alt+~ on 'desktop' - which as I faintly recall was the foreground application when I believe I had minimised the copy dialog in the first place.

What worked for me then?

  1. Alt + tab to 'desktop' or the foreground application when copy dialog minimised
  2. Alt + ~ to reveal copy dialog
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Alt + ~ brings the applications windows list, this is the way to switch between windows in the same application. If you open +2 windows of a same application, lets say Firefox, you can switch between them using this key combination. –  Braiam Sep 18 '13 at 22:06

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