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I uninstalled gnome-session-fallback and gdm, when I start the machine, it boots in console mode. I can log in normally.

Using startx starts up the remnants of GNOME that are still on my machine (a desktop with icons and hardly any UI).

How could I set my Xorg settings so that awesome is started when I use startx?

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Create a file named .xinitrc in your home directory, with this contents:


The .xinitrc file lists commands that are executed by startx in order to set up the X11 session/desktop. You may for instance add other programs to be started (just append a & after the program invocation so that the shell does not wait for their termination before continuing).

The startx session exits when the last command from .xinitrc finishes, so be sure that the invocation of awesome is the last thing you do in that script.

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I have fixed this (I hope). The other question was open and this one is now unrelated to it. Please move your now deleted question in to the first question and I will make sure that it will get at least the up vote I had given it before. Sorry, can't move answers without making things worst. – Bruno Pereira Mar 14 '12 at 19:17
@BrunoPereira Thanks! I have re-posted my old answer to the Logging in over and over again question – Riccardo Murri Mar 14 '12 at 22:01

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