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ok....i have an image cd of ubunto10.10 and my friend told me to use deamons tool to put it in the laptop. so, i did that virtual thing and then the machine ask if i want install alongside with XP, cause the other option is kind of not work. he try to install and then get to the thing with 5 options like: normal mode, demo mode and others. Anyone of them i take, it goes to the point that says: cant find the mac adresse or something, then he give me the choice to tipe a word of command, but i dont know witch one.....there are so many i have try: cut-kill-umount-exit-etc,etc,etc.....and finally always says cant boot ubuntu :(

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Your question is not clear enough, did u install it using Wubi? or in a own partition? try to remove the existing installation and install inside windows using wubi

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