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I have Ubuntu 11.10 64bit with Gnome Shell running (nvidia-current 295.20 on 9800GT) and notice that after a while the Gnome Shell start s to lag a bit.

When I say lag, everything works fine and is snappy until I open the overview (Windows | Applications) or show my notification area - then it starts to lag quite a bit, until I leave that view and go back to normal usage.

This is usually easily remedied by ALT+F2 'r' to restart Gnome Shell - but something must obviously be causing this, a bug maybe?

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I'm on ati fglrx and have probably the same issue. I found out, that in my case the problem was some sort of notification (mine was causing hotot - preferencies use native notification) that caused that behaviour. When I checked the notification (gone with mouse to the left down corner) gnome-shell restarted it self and was snappy again. Try to sort what kind of app does that, in my case it seems to be hotot notifications.

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