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Where are the zsync files for the CD-sized ISOs (such as desktop-i386) for the Precise Beta 1? They don't seem to be in the expected location at

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The betas are "released", you'll find them where you'd find any other release of Ubuntu:

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For ISOs that can be regularly updated then downloading from a zsync is a good idea.

The daily builds area (link below) contains a snapshot from the automatic build area - no obvious quality control other than it just builds.

For ISOs that are fixed at a certain point in time such as the beta then you should use the torrent file (preferably) or download direct via the iso itself. You can then use the normal update-manager updates to get the latest.

The beta zsync files are useful if you want to take the latest updates between beta releases without going through the update-manager route.

The area you have pointed to are for the less frequently used downloads - primarily the new DVD and ARM images.

For the desktop Beta downloads area the link is:

You'll note that this area contains the zsync files for the beta.


  2. How do I update an ISO with zsync?
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