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I need some direction. I've had some experience with MS movie maker. I'm looking for stepping it up with some real software, especially something that has a filter that will take my iPhone videos look old-ish, like an 8 mm aged home movie. Any thoughts?

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One of the best tools I use is OpenShot Install openshot in Ubuntu Software Centre which you can install from :

enter image description here

You can apply effects such as a black & white effect to turn your pictures to black-and-white (or there is a similar Sepia effect)

enter image description here

You can also add old time grain/lines/dust & general old-film type effects.

You also apply one or more of these effects to a clip

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I have looked around because that is a wonderful Idea, but unfortunately all I could find was for the after effects, and a app for the iPhone.

This is some information on linux film editing software.

I hope I helped but the overall answer no. Not for linux. Unless you can get after effects to work.

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