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After adding a new podcast to Rhythmbox it starts downloading the newest episode automatically without asking the user for permission.

I do find this behaviour pretty annoying especially when you have a lot of podcasts and are using 3G broadband to access the internet.

Can you update the podcast feed and then choose manually which episode you want to download? Did not find this in the settings/preferences...

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Run Rhythmbox then Edit menu -- Preferences -- Podcasts tab -- Check for new eposodes and select Manually.

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Just wanted to say how that is counter-intuitive. "Check" for new episodes is very different from "Download" new episodes. (I used to use Amarok, but with Ubuntu 11.10, I am trying new things. I didn't like the lack of customization of Banshee, so am trying Rhythmbox.) – user53502 Apr 4 '12 at 22:10

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