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I am an Active Directory engineer, so not really a Linux savvy person. I basically know enough to break a Linux workstation or server.

We have a team that needs to use Ubuntu workstations with their AD accounts. I have been able to join an Ubuntu VM (the system I am writing this on) to my dev forest using this article:

I have not been able to figure out how to get AD users to log on to the workstation.

Any help would be great.

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Did you double check that you have winbind listed in your nsswitch.conf file for users and groups? What happens if you login with a local ID and do a "getent passwd " for one of your AD users? What does klist tell you (you may need to install krb5-utils).

First install winbind for AD logins, samba for domain connectivity and libpam-krb5 for Kerberos

sudo apt-get install winbind samba libpam-krb5

Then backup /etc/samba/smb.conf and create a new one with the following contents:

workgroup = DOMAIN
security = ADS

Run "testparm" to make sure your smb.conf file is not messed up and then change to a root interactive shell

  sudo -i

Now add the machine to the domain

   net ads join -U username

Assuming DNS is set up properly & you're on the network with your DC's it should prompt you for username's password and add the PC to the domain. If you get an error about DNS don't worry about it.

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