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enter image description here

When i Shutdown or reboot i cannot do so. i get the error as mentioned in the screenshot...

It happens if any user tries it after logging in...

if i dont login at the lightdm screen on power on and execute shutdown or reboot i can...

but if i login even from a remote terminal i cant reboot.... its very annoying..

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Looks like that it's hanging on the wireless device. What kind of Wireless card do you have? What version of Ubuntu? Out of curiosity if you disable your wifi prior to shutdown/reboot, does the computer properly poweroff? – sfeole Mar 11 '12 at 2:55
I have a Dell N7010 Running Ubuntu 11.10 64 Bit ,,, The Card is Intel Wimax + Wireless-N 6250 – sarveshlad Mar 11 '12 at 18:10


Google Translate:

I had also encountered this problem, you can choose the Ubuntu boot disk, select repair mode can correct some of the hardware system can not be driven.

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can i use the recovery from the installed OS or use a the Ubuntu ISO – sarveshlad Mar 11 '12 at 18:10

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