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I say "close", not "minimise". I dont want minimise to tray like some programs do, I want to close to tray, like Rhythmbox does. When I close the window I want the program to remain running but be minimised to the notification-area.

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ALLTRAY alltray

AllTray is a program written for Unix-like systems to enable a user to dock any program (such as Evolution, Thunderbird, or a terminal program) into the system tray. This is mostly useful when one wants to have a program always running, but easy to put out of the way.

with AllTray, you can minimize any app to the system tray.

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Actualy it is possible if you install an application , you can force other apps to be minimized in the tray , read more about here

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Thanks Andrea Grandi and all who answered my question.

Andrea is right. Unfortunately is not possible CLOSE (not minimize) to tray all programs, dismiss the rhythmbox itself.

Thanks again.

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It's not possible. Closing to tray is a feature that must be implemented in an application. If the application supports it, then you can close it to tray else you can't.

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