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I'm looking to buy a new printer to share between an Ubuntu 10.10 laptop and Windows Vista computer. I'm after something:

  • fairly cheap (<=£100);
  • with either wired or wireless networking;
  • that works out of the box with Ubuntu;
  • from any manufacturer.

I've seen a lot of recommendations for HP gear, but whenever I try to check compatibility of the latest bunch of HP Officejets on the Ubuntu Wiki, there's either no entry or just "needs retesting".

Can anyone suggest a good printer?

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I use HP printers at work, and so far I have not come across a model the does not work out of the box with Linux, and we are talking 10-15 different models.

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Just to say I recently acquired a HP wireless printer (Photosmart C4580), which works in addition to the other wired models I have owned. – 8128 Nov 3 '10 at 20:49
+1 for HP. They currently provide open-source driver support for over 2000 models of printer: – scottl Nov 7 '10 at 14:18

The Open Printing site keeps a database of printers that work well with Linux. It's what I use before settling on a printer. I personally have had great successes with hp printers.

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I've found the best way to make sure a printer will work in Linux is to find a printer with native Postscript capabilities. They're slightly more expensive, but they tend to last forever. Beyond that, I've been very happy with HP. I love my HP LasterJet 1320; it was relatively cheap, has native PS, and can do double-sided prints to save on paper. I realize this doesn't match your "networked" requirement, but they may have a separate module for that, but then it probably wouldn't be as cheap. :)

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I recently acquired an HP Officejet 6000. It offers wired networking and works well with CUPS and HPLIP. My Device URI looks like this hp:/net/Officejet_6000_E609a?ip= which gives fast wake-up from energy saving mode. For a reasonably fast and economical A4 inkjet printer, I certainly recommend it.

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It depends how much you use your printer. I recommend laser printers, they cost more, but they are much cheaper doing printing job(ink costs a lot).

HP printers are good using under linux.

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