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After a reinstall of ubuntu 11.10, i have this bug ( i think).

What happens is I start the internet, then I keep the icon (cromium webbrowser) in the launcher bar. after some time on the internet with some links and new pages i close up and realize that there is more than one cromium webbrowser icon in the menubar. all the pages has been closed, and theese içons all have "keep in launcher" checked.

Is there a setting that i have missed or is it something else?

youtube movies also seem to be in a different java, since the player is different and never plays smoothly, it may be an update that i need to do, but firefox is doing exactly the same thing, and there is no updates available in the update manager. Java.com says that my java isn't up to date, but i cant find out how to update it then...

Anyone got an idea?

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