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I am trying to install the Nvidia 555M driver on my Lenovo Y570. I've tried all the advises here and other sites but I couldn't solve the problem.

  1. I downloaded the graphics card driver from the nvidia site for linux X64
  2. I tried to install it but a warning appears that I have to close x server.
  3. I use Alt+Ctrl+F1 and then type sudo service lightdm stop to stop the X server
  4. After this I can easily install the NVIDIA driver. but there was a problem: I couldn't get back to x server when I typed sudo service lightdm start. Again the black screen appeared.
  5. After deleting xorg.conf file I again can see the screen as opened as first installation of Ubuntu.

Edit: After trying too many things again the failure. I am adding what i tried till now. If you can help I will be very glad to you.

Thanks for your advise but it didn't work :( There is no problem with stopping lightdm and then installing nvidia driver for Geforce 555m. The main problem that I have to deal with is that sudo service lightdm start doesn't work after installation. A warning appears, saying "no screen found". Unless I delete /etc/X11/xorg.conf I cannot start the X server. so I couldn't install Bumblebee.

Then I tried this: after deleting the xorg.conf file to start with x server I copied xorg.conf.backup file to xorg.conf. I again tried to install Bumblebee and I get it but when I rebooted the laptop, the X server problem appeared again. I think main problem is to restart lightdm.

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This is a bug in somewhere in the kernel or BIOS and not the driver. Have a look at these for a workaround:

  1. You'll need to remove the drivers and xorg.conf file (look at the link in step 3 below)
  2. Then install the hack for working around a kernel/BIOS issue.
  3. Then proceed with installing Bumblebee
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i think These is a Optimos graphic card... it worked on my gt 540m..


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