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When starting Chrome I can set up that it opens previously used tabs, last time when closing the browser window.
Can I do the same in Konqueror? When I open Konqueror doesn't reopen last opened tabs, but opens a homepage.

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you mean like this ? Konqueror overview at openSuse

I read this statement at chap 10 point 1 from that site :

"You can save your tabs with URLs and the position of the window in a profile. This is a bit different from the session managment mentioned above. With profiles, you have your saved tabs at hand and without intensive start-up time like with session management."

Hope that helps :)

note : It's long time ago since my last experience using Konqueror, so I'm sorry if my answer not helping you.

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I know about making profiles. It's not a bad solution for what I'm using it (opening lot of pdf-s in tabs), but reopening the tabs from last time would be nicer. – enedene Mar 9 '12 at 15:35
@enedene : ic.... sorry for the wrong answer =) – neyz Mar 13 '12 at 4:59

I could not find anything in the documentation, but found that if a Konqueror window is open when I log off from Ubuntu then when I next launch Konqueror, it tells me that the last time it ran it crashed and offers to restore all the tabs.

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